Hetzner vServer VQ12 Review

Hetzner Robot

The Hetzner web interface for server and domain administration is called Robot. Here you can order, configure and cancel products, change payment and contact details and contact the Hetzner support.

Hetzner Robot Screenshot
Hetzner Robot

You can also start and stop your server or boot into a rescue system. The Hetzner rescue system boots your server into a minimal linux system without using the server hard disk. It only takes about 2 minutes to start and you can then check and mount your the hard drive and make changes to your server, e.g. in case it does not boot any more.

A nice feature available for vServer is the Remote Konsole. It lets you access the server console in the browser window. This works with a Java applet and therefore of course requires Java to be installed on your computer.


I can recommend this vServer to anyone who likes to run his own server and does not want to spend much money. It is very fast and is running this website for one month without any issue now.

I would like to see support for IPv6 though and for additional IPv4 addresses, both is currently not available. Hetzner also does not offer a backup solution but I prefer to not keep backups at the server provider anyway.

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