Most Epson scanners work very well with Linux but require to manually install some drivers first. To get your scanner running first install libtool.

sudo yum install libtool

Then download the Epson linux drivers from

You will need to download the iscan-data rpm package, the RPM package [libltdl7] (for Fedora 11 or later) and the esci-interpreter. There are both 32bit and 64bit packages available, make sure you download the right one.

Then install the iscan-data, iscan and the esci-interpreter package in exactly this order. Plugin your scanner, turn it on and start simple-scan (in Applications > Graphics > Simple Scan). You should now see the scanner listed under Preferences > Scan Source.

I tested this with an Epson V300 Photo scanner, other supported devices according to their website include Perfection V10, Perfection V30, Perfection V33, Perfection V330 Photo, Perfection V350 PHOTO, Perfection V500 PHOTO, Perfection V600 Photo, Perfection V700/V750 and many more.