Has it been a while till you created your last webpage? Here is a quick update on what happened since the last century.

A basic HTML template would look like this now.

Title of the page

The long DOCTYPE declaration is gone, in HTML5 you only need to write . This should always be your first line on every page so that the browser knows your page is an HTML page.

If you want to add JavaScript code only specify

Do not add type=”text/javascript” to the script tag, JavaScript is the default script language nowadays.

We useJavaScript libraries now instead of writing everything from scratch. These provide useful functions that will automagically work in all the different browsers, be it on a desktop PC, tablet, phone or whatever kind of networked device. jQuery is one example for a good library, ou can learn how to use at http://learn.jquery.com/ and http://www.w3schools.com/jquery/default.asp. If you need some help with JavaScript first, check out http://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp.
Instead of downloading jQuery, you only need to link to a copy of it on Microsoft’s or Google’s servers, e.g. with . A complete HTML page template will follow at the end of this post. Please note the two  forward slashes, these make sure that the library is loaded with the same protocol as the webpage (http or https). Groovy.

In general we need to write way less code, there are tons of libraries, frameworks, tools and web services to make our lives easier. One of these frameworks is Bootstrap which will help you create beautiful, professional looking websites without you having to design anything. The huge advantage of such tools is that the code is tested and works in multiple browsers. If you remember testing websites on Internet Explorer or Netscape on a Mac that is something that you will really appreciate. Like with jQuery there is no need to download a local copy of Bootstrap and you can directly include it from an external server with . Take a look here to see more examples of Bootstrap in action.

And here a complete template for a modern HTML5 page.

                                                    Title of the page                        

My first project


HTML is fun again


Just believe you can do it and you are halfway there.




This template is just a start, there are websites like html5boilerplate.com where people spend a lot of time to create the perfect HTML5 template. But it is simple and before going further, just try to modify this page with some jQuery code and find out what else you can do with bootstrap.