Running Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and having problems receiving files over Bluetooth?

Did you pair your Blootooth device with your computer running Ubuntu 10.10 and wonder why you still cannot receive any files sent to your computer?

Go to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center and install Personal File Sharing (just type personal in the search box and it will find it).

[![](/content/images/2011/02/Screenshot-Ubuntu-Software-Center-150x150.png "Screenshot-Ubuntu Software Center")](/content/images/2011/02/Screenshot-Ubuntu-Software-Center.png)
Then go to System > Preferences > Bluetooth.
[![](/content/images/2011/02/Screenshot-Bluetooth-Preferences-150x150.png "Screenshot-Bluetooth Preferences")](/content/images/2011/02/Screenshot-Bluetooth-Preferences.png)
Click the ‘Receive Files’ button and activate the ‘Receive files in Downloads folder over Bluetooth and from which devices you want to Accept files.
[![](/content/images/2011/02/Screenshot-Personal-File-Sharing-Preferences-150x150.png "Screenshot-Personal File Sharing Preferences")](/content/images/2011/02/Screenshot-Personal-File-Sharing-Preferences.png)